Sunday, April 24, 2016

Bridgewater Falls - the most generic place in America

In the late 1980s and into 1990 we lived in Oxford, Ohio, a college town (Miami University) near the Indiana border, and about 30 miles north of the Roebling Bridge, which connects Cincinnati and Covington, Kentucky.

This weekend we returned to the tri-state area for the wedding of a friend from our days in the Buckeye State. We were completely disoriented by all the changes we found since our time here. Miami University, along with the town itself, had exploded in new buildings. We were excited to see that there was a brand new public library, though. There was also a Chick-fil-A, something that ordinarily would escape any interest from us, except that during our drive from Oxford to Cincinnati we spotted a billboard for said restaurant indicating two nearby locations: Oxford, and Bridgewater Falls. 

Once we checked in to our hotel room (where a gift bag from the grooms awaited us) we Googled Bridgewater Falls and discovered it was a shopping center (or, more specifically, a "lifestyles shopping centre") in the nearby town of Fairfield. It also appeared to have only national chain-type stores. It didn't look like the kind of place we would seek out, unless, as James pointed out we were looking to appoint a dorm room. In other words, it is a great place to look for stuff you already know how to find.

Nevertheless, it is called Bridgewater and we were nearby so a pilgrimage was called for. If there ever was a place with "no there there," this is it. Stores include\ Target; Staples; JCPenney; Bed, Bath and Beyond; Panera Bread, Chiles, and of course, Chick-fil-A. We walked around and took a few pictures. It did have fountains and geese at the entrance, but there were no local shops, and no place that we had any interest in going into.
 Near the main entrance. That's the Chick-fil-A on the left.
Another view from the entrance.
Could be anywhere 
Our first-ever blogspotter award (as yet unspecified, but it will be local to the real Bridgewater) will go to whomever can identify a national chain retailer that is not represented within one mile of this spot!
At least it has a rotary.
We have already experienced it ... so you don't have to.