Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bridgewater Festival of Lights

Pam has a very fond memory of her father holding her up to the back window of the second story of their home on Crosby Rd. in Catonsville, Maryland as she marveled at the Christmas lights on two houses on Rowe Ct. It was probably 40 years ago and they were the only houses in the neighborhood that were lit up. She had never seen anything like it. They were right next door to each other and one, a ranch house, was completely outlined in red lights, and the other was a two-story home framed with bright blue bulbs. To this day, looking at Christmas lights is Pam's favorite part of the holiday season. To be sure some of the light shows have become much more extravagant than those simple one-color bulbs. Something extra special in Bridgewater is the annual Festival of Lights - a ginormous light display at a private home at 55 Alexander Drive. With over 200,000 lights, it is not something to just drive by. The whole yard is open to walk through with dioramas and music. On weekends hot chocolate is served and it is also a great place to see Santa. Donations are taken for local charities. None of the money collected goes toward the upkeep of the display, that is sponsored by local businesses.

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