Friday, December 4, 2009

East Bridgewater and West Bridgewater, Massachusetts

As James mentions in his post about Brockton (the city formerly known as North Bridgewater) the smaller towns of East Bridgewater and West Bridgewater also border Bridgewater. We go to these towns quite often. Pam takes recorder lessons in West Bridgewater and we almost always attend its annual Park Day celebration at War Memorial Park in the fall, which features hayrides, magic shows, music, food and a duck race. West Bridgewater also has a great playground that we used to take our daughter to, back when going to a playground was all it took to make her happy.

Our forays into East Bridgewater usually involve getting our hair cut at Salon Esprit, or visiting our friends Rob & Lisa who own one of the oldest homes there, which they have been working on "fixing up" since they bought it 17 years ago. We have seen a lot of progress in the 12 years we have known them and can only imagine what it was like in the first five years. Every year they have a Saturday-after-Thanksgiving Thai-food fest at their house, during which we order carry out from one of the two decent restaurants in Bridgewater -The Chatta Box. The other good restaurant is Crispi's which serves good Italian food. We like to sit on the north side of the restaurant when we go there because it is closest to the train tracks. When the commuter rail passes by we can see, hear, and feel it from there.
Our favorite East Bridgewater restaurant is Johnny Macaroni's. This unassuming place has fresh Italian food and a full bar. There is not a lot to recommend in the way of food in West Bridgewater. We sometimes go to Good Days, which is a good family place with a '50s theme. The prices are good and the atmosphere is fun. The service can be slow though.
photo of War Memorial Park courtesy of ruthiedee

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  1. Agreed -- among the three Bridgewaters, it is difficult to name a full hand's worth of decent restaurants.

    West Bridgewater, however, does boast two fine beverage-related businesses. First is one of the WORLD's most important coffee companies: Equal Exchange (, a leader in fair-trade coffee, cocoa, and tea.

    The other is the Wine Palace, a small but very fine wine shop that supports a number of community causes ( In the Bridgewaters, the best dining option is often to get some wine at the Palace and take it home to accompany something we cook ourselves!