Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Letter from Bridgewater England to Bridgewater Massachusetts

This is the first thing I have found making a Bridgewater, England/Bridgewater, Massachusetts connection. It is a letter dated September 1846 from the people of Bridgewater, England to thier counterparts in Massachusetts on the topic of slavery in the United States. This document also includes the reply from the Massachusetts contingent dated February 1847. A note at the end indicates that "at an adjourned meeting on...February 10, the Committee presented...the...Reply, which, after a good deal of warm and animated discussion, was, with great, unanimity, adopted."

Town meeting in Bridgewater still continues. I attended a meeting on Monday night which put in motion the means to end the Town Meeting type of government here. "Warm and animated" are not words I would use to describe discussions at Town Meeting. Boring and contentious are more accurate.

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